How often do you consume vegetables in your meals?
How often do you consume foods made of whole grains (whole wheat atta, brown rice etc.) or cereals (oats, muesli etc.) in your meals?
How frequently do you skip a meal altogether?
How often do you drink sweetened drinks like colas, juices etc.?
How often do fruits (fresh fruits with fiber and seed) feature in your diet?
which size of clothing do you usually wear?
In case you need help figuring out your size, below are the standard figures in inches:

By what means do you Commute for your work?
how often do you exercise(walking, yoga, cycling, jogging etc.)?
How often do you eat food from outside your home? (dhaba, restaurants etc.)?
How often do you consume deep fried foods like samosas, pakodas, chole bhature, sweets etc.?
Can you tell us level of job-related stress?

Minimal stress: Can be coped with easily

Intermittent stress: Stress due to activities like client meetings, performance at work, etc.

Stressful: Prolonged exposure to stress due to long work hours, risky jobs, no holidays, etc.

Duress: Threat of losing job, enquiry at work, etc.

Can you tell us level of domestic-related stress?

Minimal: Day to day stress, can be coped with easily

Irritations: Growing children, troublesome neighbors, examinations of children

Concerns: Career exams of children, marriage of daughter, illness of family members

Worries: major threats like communal tensions, court cases, major surgeries planned, loss in stock market, mortgage,etc.

What is the quality of your sleep(deep or light sleeper)?
How long do you usually tend to sleep?
What is your attitude towards life in general?
Have you ever got your blood sugar checked?If so, what was the result?
Have you ever got your blood pressure checked by a doctor? If so, what was the result?
how frequently do you consume Alcohol?
How Many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
What is your cholesterol level?
Please fill in your personal details to view your healthy lifestyle score
Eg. Punjabi Samosa, Pakoda-s, Vada-Pav, Medu Vada, Dahi vada, Golgappe, Pav-Bhaji, Tava-Pulav, Paneer-Bhurji, Chole-Bhature, Ice-cream, Kulfi.

Sweetmeats like Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Rabdi, Fried Cicken, Sarson-ka-Saag, Stuffed Parotha and such foods.