5 Tips for Women to stay stress-free and  heart healthy

Being a woman, you need to seamlessly switch between career, family, kids and more. Of course, you love them all and like to be admired as an ideal multitasker. But, did you know that all of this can take a toll on your health and more importantly, on heart health? Here are 5 powerful tips to manage stress and also keep your heart healthy!

10 Quick stressbusters for healthy life

Work, family, financials, relationships, and more — there are endless reasons for your mind to undergo stress. Any level of pressure builds up before you can analyze it and converts into severe conditions of migraine, depression, or chronic diseases such as heart issues. Well, there’s good news, now you can overcome it with these quick stress busters.

Tips for a heart-healthy lifestyle

A healthy heart is among the first steps to overall health. While you are making efforts to stay healthy, is heart-health your priority? Here are some effective and easy tips for a heart-healthy lifestyle

Signs of a stressed-out heart you must not ignore

In the present day, you have to continuously deal with professional and personal workload. The constant switch between the two disturbs your work-life balance creating continuous stress. This is further amplified with habits of smoking, consuming too much alcohol, eating junk food and so on. Stress is a slow poison that impacts on heart health. It is imperative to monitor your stress level in-time.

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