10 Quick stressbusters for healthy life
10 Quick stressbusters for healthy life

Work, family, financials, relationships, and more — there are endless reasons for your mind to undergo stress. Any level of pressure builds up before you can analyze it and converts into severe conditions of migraine, depression, or chronic diseases such as heart issues. Well, there’s good news, now you can overcome it with these quick stress busters.

  1. Watch comedy series or funny videos to change your mind, stimulate circulation and balance heart rate.
  2. Next time you are stressed, take few deep breaths and exhale slowly. Practice meditation if you can spare some time daily to relax muscles and normalize heart pumping.
  3. Use calming optical illusions. It interrupts the thought that’s going in the brain (here stress) and makes you focus on other things.

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  4. Listen to music and sing along to de-stress and decrease the release of stress hormones
  5. Go outdoors. Even a five-minute walk outside can rejuvenate you instantly. The healing power of fresh air is unmatched.
  6. Take a pen and paper for a quick doodle drawing to feel better. Or try an art activity or cooking with your kids.
  7. Rub your palms briskly. This opens up the blood vessels through the body allowing the heart to pump blood easily and makes you feel relaxed.
  8. Use pressure techniques. Apply pressure for a few seconds between thumb and forefinger. Bundles of nerves are close to this point. Pressing relaxes nerves and lowers your stress level instantly.
  9. Grab stress-fighting food like dark chocolate, nuts, or oatmeal. Avoid sugary stuff that would harm your health. Hard to digest food has an adverse impact on the heart.
  10. Drink water immediately. It hydrates your body and instantly lowers the stress level, relaxing the mind and heart.

These simple ways to fight stress can go a long way in staying heart-healthy! Start Now!

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