5 Tips for Women to stay stress-free and heart healthy
5 Tips for Women to stay stress-free and heart healthy

Being a woman, you need to seamlessly switch between career, family, kids and more. Of course, you love them all and like to be admired as an ideal multitasker. But, did you know that all of this can take a toll on your health and more importantly, on heart health? Here are 5 powerful tips to manage stress and also keep your heart healthy!

Handle situations rationally – Identify the triggers that shoot your stress-o-meter. It could be anything at home, office, work, or relationship. Keep a positive attitude and respond assertively to all situations. Prioritize tasks if your list seems endless. You can also try breaking down your tasks in small steps to manage your time better!
  1. Quit smoking. Regular smoking is the worst you can do for your lungs and heart..
  2. Exercise regularly – spare some time for exercising. It will keep you active and remove the toxins accumulated in your body, allowing your heart to stay calm and pump blood smoothly. Try at least 30-45 minutes of brisk walk or physical activity of moderate intensity at least 5 days a week. Being fit is good for your heart because it strengthens the muscles needed to make your heart and cardiovascular system function.
  3. Pen down what’s on your mind– Sadness, anger, loss, anxiety, any emotion that triggers stress should be written down somewhere to organize thoughts and take a step back to resolve issues. Maintaining a daily personal journal can be a great idea to manage stress & also organize your schedule.
  4. Quick fixes – some instant stress busters are drinking enough water, laughing out loud, talking to a friend, meditating for a few minutes with closed eyes, listening to music and doodling on your notebook.


So, for a happy and healthy heart tomorrow, you need to start from today. Don’t let things drain your energy but give more power and support to you. Stay stress free, stay heart-healthy!

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