Tips for a heart-healthy lifestyle
Tips for a heart-healthy lifestyle

A healthy heart is among the first steps to overall health. While you are making efforts to stay healthy, is heart-health your priority? Here are some effective and easy tips for a heart-healthy lifestyle

- Know your cholesterol levels. Go for regular checkups and monitor your cholesterol as it is one of the key indicators of heart health.

- Eat foods made with whole grains like whole wheat bread, millets, and brown rice. Include differently coloured, seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet.

- Choose a heart-healthy cooking oil which assures you a balance of healthy fats like MUFA & PUFA and antioxidants.

- Skip long hours of sitting. Most of us have a job that requires hours of sitting in one place. So, take a regular break for short walks in between your long hours of sitting.

- Drink adequate water. It removes toxins from your body.

- Salt is the main source of sodium in our diet. High sodium is a risk factor for high blood pressure which predisposes an individual to heart problems. Switch from salted namkeens and snacks to fresh fruits and vegetables to cut down on sodium. Gradually reduce the salt usage while cooking.

- Quit smoking. Regular smoking is the worst you can do for your lungs and heart.

- Control your weight with diet and workout. Have a personalized diet plan and exercise regime instead of merely following what others do.

Change is an important part of living with heart disease or trying to prevent it. With small steps, you can ensure a heart-healthy life!
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