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Releases Oxytocin which perks up your mood and helping you deal with stress
Walking increases good cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.
Climbing Stairs improves resting and exercise heart rates leading to improved heart health.
Dancing improves your BMI and resting heart rate, thereby making you heart healthy.
Sleep heals and repairs your heart and blood vessels leading to a healthier heart.
Listening to music releases endorphins leading to a healthier heart.
Gardening releases endorphins, thereby reducing stress leading to a healthy heart.
Eating controlled portions of food helps manage body weight which is key to a healthy heart.
Dietary Guidelines for Indians. NIN

Adding fibre to your daily diet provides the body good nutrition that lead to improved heart health
Fruits are rich in a natural compound called polyphenols which protect against cardiovascular risks and make the heart healthier.
Consumption of vegetables helps protect against coronary heart disease and thus makes your heart healthy.
Timely eating helps you maintain an ideal body weight which in turn results in a healthy heart.
Diet and heart disease, NIN

Consumption of low fat dairy products helps protect from incidence of coronary heart risk.
Diet and heart disease, NIN

Try eating vegetables daily. Research says that green leafy vegetables help protect against coronary heart disease and thus makes your heart healthy.
Try to eat whole grains daily (oats, muesli, whole wheat atta, brown rice etc.). Research shows that adding 6-g of fiber to your daily diet can lead to a reduction in heart disease.
Source 1 :Dietary Guidelines for Indians. NIN

Source 2 :http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16407729
Try to reduce your consumption of sweetened drinks. Research shows that decreasing the consumption of sweetened drinks helps manage weight & conditions like diabetes.
Try eating fruits daily. Fruits are rich in a natural compound called polyphenols which make your heart healthier.
Ensure you get sound sleep / Ensure at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Research shows that proper sleep helps in repairing heart and blood vessels, leading to better heart health.
Take a walk every day. Brisk walking increases the good cholesterol in your body and keeps your heart healthy.
Try exercising a bit more. Why don't you try cycling? Research has shown that cycling can reduce body fat significantly and thus improve your heart health.
Avoid eating outside food / deep fried food so often. Also, get some physical exercise - Climb stairs wherever you can. It improves resting and exercise heart rates leading to improved heart health.